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Wondering if it’s time for Therapy?

Anxiety refers not only to intense fear and worry, but also to persistent physical responses such as rapid heart beat, body trembles, and shallow breathing. Anxiety can interfere with your ability to live and handle daily life situations. If you are struggling with all-consuming worry or panic, have trouble sleeping or concentrating, or become fearful during daily life activities…’s time for therapy.

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Undoubtedly, Depression is a serious and all too common mood disturbance. We know that depression can look very different for each person and oftentimes is more than just sadness, grief, or loss of interest in activities. If you are experiencing changes in appetite or sleeping patterns, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, or thoughts (even fleeting) of death or suicide….it’s time for therapy.

Trauma, in the common sense, refers to the emotional response one has to a life-threatening and terrible event. Common traumatic responses include initial shock and denial along with longer term reactions such as intrusive thoughts and hyperarousal (increased alertness, usually unnecessarily high) . Terrible events include accidents, differing levels of abuse, abandonment, neglect, medical conditions and even political unrest or environmental stressors. If you have been struggling to find healthy ways to cope with a life-threatening and terrible event that is also negatively impacting your relationships with friends, family, and at work…it’s time for therapy.

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Life Transitions, generally are thought to bring about excitement and good stress, however there are times when transitioning in life can be a more difficult adjustment. Getting married in a pandemic, a difficult pregnancy, losing a job, or moving across the country for your dream job can all result in unexpected and unhealthy emotional responses and even significantly impact your relationships and create problems at work or school. If you are finding it hard to adjust to a new event (within 3 months) in your life….it’s time for therapy.

Orchids symbolize many things including thoughtfulness, love, refinement, beauty and sympathy. They have been identified as the perfect flower to celebrate life’s precious moments. So we at Esteem CWC use them to remind ourselves that….

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Now is the time to Grow and Blossom!!!